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WordPress Blogging at WordCamp Dallas 2008

wordcamp wordpress dallasThe second day of WordCamp Dallas 2008 is wrapping up. In addition to learning more from a tech standpoint, including some good SEO tips, the event provided an opportunity to get into the mindset of bloggers of all skill levels and many motives for blogging.

One of the amusing things is how many bloggers are doing it strictly for the fun of it, i.e. with no monetary incentives. Even those who are attempting to monetize their blogs, seem to be coming up short in the ways to do it. From the school of hard knocks, I’ve learned that there are far better ways to generate income with your blog than Google AdSense or as an Amazon Associate (affiliate).

If you get the chance, do attend a WordCamp. It will provide you with deeper insights into the blogging mindset.

One thing that Internet info product marketers could learn is the emphasis on transparency and truth in blogging. There’s no reason, financial or otherwise, to disrespect the visitors to your site with lies, half-truths, and material omissions. Candid works in the long-term…and you’ll preserve your self-respect in the process.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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