Have You Read This Bestseller Email Marketing Rules Book?

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email marketing rules bookDuring the past weekend, Internet Business Lawyer Mike Young’s email marketing rules book became an Amazon bestseller, taking the #1 slot in the Direct Marketing category for the Kindle edition of “Email Marketing – How To Protect Your Business When You Sell By Email.”

Part of the Quick Legal GuidesTM series, Mike’s book also hit #1 at Amazon in the 90-Minute Business & Money Short Reads category.

So, if you’re selling products or services via email, you’ll want to invest in a copy of this how-to guide. You can get the book in paperback for $5.99 or the Kindle electronic version for $4.99. And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read the ebook version for free.

In the guide, email marketing rules will be demystified. You’ll discover…

  • What is spam email (the answer may surprise you)
  • 5 important spam and privacy laws every marketer should know about when sending emails to recipients in the United States, Canada, and the European Union
  • 7 email marketing tactics to reduce the risk you’ll get sued or arrested
  • How to promote a product or service by email as an affiliate without putting a legal target on your back (includes sample language you can use)
  • Why making the wrong claims in your emails can destroy your business — and how to make claims the right way to prevent trouble
    9 deceptive email marketing practices you should avoid…unless you like spending time in court or dealing with government investigators
  • How to protect your emails with copyrights plus a legal way to borrow content from others and use it in your emails
  • 3 essential parts an email signature designed to limit your personal liability

But don’t just take our word for it. Email marketing experts Ben Settle and Big Jason Henderson have both read and recommended the book.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this email marketing rules book today.

Click this link for the Kindle version OR click here to get the paperback edition.

Top 10 Things To Do When You Set Up A Business In Texas

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set up a business in texasSo you want to set up a business in Texas? Here are the top 10 things you’ll want to do to get started…

1. Talk with an experienced Texas business lawyer. Adjust your plans based on that consultation.

2. Decide on the type of business entity you want to use to shield yourself from personal liability. Many startups choose to form a Texas limited liability company (LLC).

3. File the right paperwork with the Texas Secretary of State’s office to form your new business entity.

4. Apply for a sales tax permit from the Texas Comptroller’s office.

5. Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Plus, tell the IRS how you want your entity treated for tax purposes.

6. And you’ll want to apply for any other permits or licenses you may need from the state, county, city, etc. Your type of business (and its location) will determine which permits and licenses to get.

7. Set up your business’ bank accounts and apply for company credit/debit cards.

8. Select an accountant for your business. Your CPA can help you with federal income taxes — and assist you with Texas franchise tax reports.

9. Get business liability insurance. If there are two or more owners, consider key person insurance too.

10. Verify you’re running everything in your business within your new Texas LLC or other entity. For example, your business’ website should registered be in the company’s name — not an individual.

Form A Texas LLC: How To Do It Right

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form a texas llc limited liability company

The second edition of the Quick Legal Guide “How To Form A Texas LLC” by Business Lawyer Mike Young is now available.

What You’ll Find In This Quick Legal Guide

The book reveals…

  • The steps you need to take before Texas LLC formation
  • How and where to file the paperwork to form a Texas limited liability company
  • Federal and Texas state tax issues for your LLC
  • Why your Texas limited liability company should have an operating agreement — and what to include in the agreement
  • How to set up bank accounts properly for your new Texas LLC
  • 4 types of insurance protection you should consider getting for your Texas limited liability company
  • What to include in employment agreements

And the guide also contains a Quick Start Checklist plus a Resources section to save you time when setting up your Texas LLC.

Where can you get this Texas LLC formation guide?

Want to form a Texas LLC quickly? You’ll find the guide in both paperback and Kindle electronic formats at Amazon.com. Get your copy today.

Software Licensing Agreements

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software licensing handbook

The book “Software Licensing Agreements – What You Need To Know About Software Licenses” by Software Lawyer Mike Young has just been released.

How The Software Licensing Agreements Guide Helps You

Part of the Quick Legal Guides series, this new guide reveals…

  • What is a software license (the answer may surprise you).
  • How to define the scope of a license to get what you want.
  • 11 common software licenses (and when you should use them).
  • What is open source licensing.
  • 7 popular open source software licenses.
  • One license you should never use for open source software.
  • What is public domain software.
  • How to create software licenses that are right for you.
  • And why you should never “borrow” a license.

Plus, there’s a Quick Start Checklist and a Resources section for you to take practical steps right away to get the software license(s) you want…whether you’re licensing your software to others to getting a license to use an application.

Where Can You Get This Software Licenses Guide?

This business law book is available at Amazon.com in print as a paperback and in Kindle electronic format. Claim your copy today.