The Ugly Truth About Software Development

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software developmentMark paid to have a software application developed.

Yet neither Mark nor his developer knew who owned the code. Because the software development agreement didn’t make it clear.

Of course, Mark didn’t know his legal rights. Could he sell the app?

Could the developer recycle the code for other projects?

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Are you an app developer?

Or do you pay others to develop software?

You need software agreements that identify and protect your rights.

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Don’t have an app development agreement? Or do you need an existing agreement reviewed by an experienced software lawyer?

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How To Humiliate Yourself In Business

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contractor no remodeling contractJerry does quality work.

But he can’t close the deal with potential customers for his home remodeling business.

They choose his competitors instead.

Because when he started his company, Jerry created his remodeling contract from scratch.

And it’s a piece of garbage that screams “Amateur!”

Many prospects look at the agreement in horror and walk away. But they’re too polite to tell Jerry how he sabotaged the deal.

If you’re not using professionally-prepared business contracts, chances are it’s costing you a fortune. Plus you’re not really protecting your business.

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The Secret Of Website Content Ownership

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business contracts signingMatt received an offer to buy his website and the rights to the info products he sold on the site.

But the potential buyer discovered Matt didn’t really own much.


Because Matt didn’t use business contracts to build his online company.

The people he paid to create content were competing against him. They re-sold the content to others.

The secret to website content ownership is getting it in writing.

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Common Belief About Software Development Is Actually A Total Myth

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software development contractWhether you’re a developer or a business owner who pays developers for software applications, it’s commonly believed there’s a standard software development contract.

Here’s the thing…

You can get an experienced software lawyer to create an agreement to fit your unique needs.

However, there’s not a uniform agreement that applies across the board to app development.


Because there are too many variables at play.

For example, you’ll want a software development agreement to favor you on certain key terms. These include payment terms, code ownership, maintenance, choice of law, dispute settlement, etc.

Plus your agreement will contain different terms if it’s for a single app than if it’s for multiple app dev projects over a period of time.

Anyway, if you don’t have a software development contract you can trust to get you what you want, it’s time to learn about our Software Development Legal Protection Package.

Never make this mistake when you sign contracts

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business contract signaturesWhen you’re about to enter a business deal, never assume the contract handed to you by the other side is going to be fair.

Here’s why…

If the other party’s lawyer prepared it, the contract will be written to screw you.

Even worse, the other party could have patched together the agreement without a lawyer. This is a recipe for a lawsuit because the contract will be a mess.

Now how do you prevent this?

The easiest way is to get an experienced business contracts lawyer to prepare an agreement you can use as a template for your deals.

Most importantly, this means the other side starts negotiating from a contract template that’s stacked in your favor.

Of course, if you don’t already have a professionally prepared contract to protect you, you’ll want to check out our Business Contract Legal Protection Package.