Software Licensing Agreements

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software licensing handbook

The book “Software Licensing Agreements – What You Need To Know About Software Licenses” by Software Lawyer Mike Young has just been released.

How The Software Licensing Agreements Guide Helps You

Part of the Quick Legal Guides series, this new guide reveals…

  • What is a software license (the answer may surprise you).
  • How to define the scope of a license to get what you want.
  • 11 common software licenses (and when you should use them).
  • What is open source licensing.
  • 7 popular open source software licenses.
  • One license you should never use for open source software.
  • What is public domain software.
  • How to create software licenses that are right for you.
  • And why you should never “borrow” a license.

Plus, there’s a Quick Start Checklist and a Resources section for you to take practical steps right away to get the software license(s) you want…whether you’re licensing your software to others to getting a license to use an application.

Where Can You Get This Software Licenses Guide?

This business law book is available at in print as a paperback and in Kindle electronic format. Claim your copy today.

How To Sell An Internet Business

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how to sell an internet business by internet lawyer mike young

The second edition of “How To Sell An Internet Business” by Internet Lawyer Mike Young has just been published. It’s part of the Quick Legal Guides series for small business owners and other entrepreneurs.

How This Guide Helps You

When you invest in this business legal guide, you’ll…

  • Get a road map of the sales process for online companies
  • Discover the 3 key players you’ll want to have as part of your sales team
  • Find out how to price your Internet business so that it will sell quickly
  • Identify the 2 types of sales and which one works best for you
  • Know how to prescreen prospective buyer’s to save you time
  • Understand how to review an offer to purchase
  • Be able to respond to the buyer’s due diligence requests
  • Discover how to get paid for your time if a deal falls apart
  • Understand the closing process
  • Find out how to handle post-closing tasks

How To Sell An Internet Business also contains a Quick Start Checklist so you can begin the sales process right away.

At the end of the guide, there’s also a Resources section to help you get what you want fast.

Where Can You Get How To Sell An Internet Business?

This business law book is available at in print as a paperback and in Kindle electronic format. Claim your copy today.

Does California Hate Your Website?

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California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018
Beware of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The tarnished “Golden State” has enacted the horrible California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.

This law targets website owners by claiming to protect privacy rights.

So, what if your business website isn’t located in California?

You could still be liable under the Act.

Because it protects information you collect from California residents. This includes residents’ names, email addresses, and other personal information.

Now this means you could be fined up to $7,500 per violation — even if you run your online business in another state or country!

We’ve seen this type of idiocy at the national and multinational level. For example, international enforcement of U.S. spam laws and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

But California’s attempt to regulate the online world takes it to a whole new level of nanny state scheming.

Is Your Website Covered By The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018?

It looks like the law (for now) only targets large online businesses.

Yet it would take only a simple change to a definition in the law to put the screws to smaller businesses.

Are you operating a large ecommerce venture? Consult with a California privacy law expert about complying with this albatross.

What if you run a small or medium-sized business (SME)? You may want to make it clear the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 doesn’t apply to your site…and the reasons why it doesn’t.

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That’s the approach I’m taking in website legal documents for both…

With a little luck, the state legislature will gut or repeal the California Consumer Privacy Act. Or a court will strike it down as unconstitutional interference with interstate commerce.

But it’s possible the state law will stay on the books unless it’s preempted by Congress sometime in the future.

Are Your Texas Gym Waivers Enforceable?

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texas gym waivers enforceable

Do you own a fitness facility in the Lone Star State? If so, are your Texas gym waivers enforceable?

Or will you file bankruptcy when someone gets hurt?

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Let’s face it…

Liability insurance is essential to have…but it’s also expensive. And it rarely covers all the claims made in a personal injury lawsuit by a gym member or visitor. And that’s if the insurer even agrees to cover the claim in the first place!

Of course, you also lose irreplaceable time dealing with legal claims…even if there’s no lawsuit.

Need to reduce your risk of financial disaster? You’ll want get the right gym waivers. And get them signed by both members and non-member guests to your fitness facility.

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Remember this…you’ll want the proper person signing. What if your member or a visitor is a minor? Who signs the gym waiver?

And did you know there are different waivers for members versus guests?

Naturally, you’ll want your waiver to be a separate legal document. Don’t hide it in the middle of your gym membership agreement.

Do you need new Texas gym waivers prepared? Let’s talk. Set up a phone consultation with Texas Business Lawyer Mike Young today.

B2B Contracts: Who Owns The Intellectual Property?

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B2B Contracts Who Owns Intellectual PropertyB2B contracts often involve the creation or use of intellectual property (IP). Who owns the copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc. in your business deals?

The answer to this question may surprise you. Because many agreements don’t address IP ownership.

When Your Business Creates Intellectual Property

The terms of your B2B agreements will depend upon who owns the IP you create. Will the other party own the IP? Or will your business keep ownership but license IP use to that party?

When Your Business Receives Intellectual Property

If the other party is delivering IP to your business, what exactly are you getting? If the party created the IP, will you own it or are you only a licensee?

What does your business agreement say about ownership? And if it says nothing, what are you buying?

And what if the party delivering the IP doesn’t own it? Will your company receive a transferable license? Does the party have the right to sublicense the IP to you? What if there’s open source IP?

What IP Can Be Transferred?

Are you delivering or receiving intellectual property in your B2B contracts? It’s important to note that one can’t transfer more rights than one owns.

If the party delivering the IP under the contract, the recipient can’t insist upon ownership. Because the deliverer doesn’t own it in the first place.

Price And IP Rights

If you don’t know what IP rights are being delivered under your 2Bb agreements, it’s likely the contract pricing is inaccurate. Because the recipient likely overpays or underpays depending upon the rights delivered.

This can lead to misunderstandings and lawsuits when one of the parties feels cheated from the deal.

Where To Get Help With Your B2B Contracts

If you need a new business agreement or help with an existing one (no lawsuits), it’s time to talk with Business Contracts Lawyer Mike Young. Schedule a phone consultation today.