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Outside General Counsel – When Should Your Business Retain One?

By October 5, 2009October 30th, 2017Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

Outside General Counsel - When Should Your Business Retain One?In-House Or Outside General Counsel?

Many business owners mistakenly refer to the creation of an attorney-client relationship as “hiring” a lawyer.

In most instances, the relationship is actually one of independent contractor rather than employer-employee.

However, there may come a point in your company that you find you’re spending so much on legal fees that it may make sense to really hire an Internet business attorney as your in-house legal counsel.

As the employer, you exert more control over the work done. Because these are typically salary arrangements, you can reduce legal costs or at a minimum budget for them like any other employee in your online company.

When should you hire a business attorney as an employee? There’s no hard rule for that. However, if you’re spending more than $200,000 a year in legal fees paid to an Internet law firm, you should consider the in-house counsel alternative.

Will all business lawyers agree to become employees? Of course not.

Many prefer to be their own bosses rather than answer to one…just like you’re a business owner. However, there are some who will if the salary and hours are right.

Why Some Companies Choose Outside Business Legal Representation

Is there a hybrid arrangement for Internet companies that need steady legal representation but not full-time corporate counsel? Yes, some legal professionals (including Attorney Young at our business law firm) offer Internet legal services as part-time outside general counsel for companies.

Although the terms vary by client and law firm, these types of arrangements typically involve an attorney-client contractual relationship based on the client retaining an experienced business lawyer for X number of hours per month essentially acting as the company’s outside general counsel. However, there is no employer-employee relationship (the attorney is an independent contractor).

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The business client has the advantages of budgeting for legal services to be rendered without incurring the obligations of hiring a legal professional as a full-time employee.

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