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Celebrity Nude Photos

Celebrity Nude Photos and celebrity sex tapes. Leaks online are sometimes referred to as a fappening.

Ashley Madison Hacked: Sex, Lies, and Internet Privacy

By Internet Lawyer
ashley madison hacked

Why is the hacking of important?

If you’re married and trolling the Internet looking for extramarital “no strings attached” sex, you’ve probably come across the website

Anonymous Married Dating?

The primary purpose of the site is to make money by helping adulterers find each other for secret affairs. In fact, as of today, Ashley Madison claims almost 38 million “anonymous members.”
However, news reports allege that hackers now have the entire database and are starting to “out” these members to the public. Imagine what your spouse would do to you upon discovering you’re a member of an adultery website.

The Lesson of the Fappening

Whether or not you’re an Ashley Madison member, there’s a lesson to be learned here that has nothing to do with infidelity.
As celebrities found out when their nude photos were hacked during the “Fappening,” you should assume that anything password protected on the Internet isn’t really secure.
Before putting anything online, whether it’s in cloud storage or on a paid membership website, assume that the public can and will see it at some point.

Do you own a website?

What if you own a site that advertises complete privacy or anonymity? It’s probably time to see your Internet lawyer about revising your site’s content and disclaimers because hackers are making it just about impossible to make that promise and keep it.
Internet privacy isn’t dead. It’s virtually nonexistent these days. Act accordingly.

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Internet Law News: The Fappening Nude Celebrities Update

By Internet Lawyer
fappening nude celebrities

Is the FBI about to arrest The Fappening hacker of nude celebrity photos and videos?

According to CBS 2’s Mike Parker, the FBI has narrowed the search for The Fappening celebrity nude photos hacker down to Chicago’s South Side.

Naked celebrities in the 2014 leaks from Apple’s iCloud storage reportedly included Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and an underage American Olympic gymnast.

If true, this means that the hacker(s) could possibly face criminal charges for child pornography even if the gymnast took the pictures as “selfies.” That’s in addition to hacking charges and any celebrity civil lawsuits for damages.

Regardless, there are two lessons to learn from this “Celebgate.”

First, if you take digital photos or videos, you should assume they will be put on the Internet and remain there forever. This is particularly true of nudity in general and celebrities in particular. It isn’t fair but it is the way things are these days.

Second, if you’re hacking for fame, chances are the FBI or some other law enforcement agency will one day take you down. Are the 15 minutes of publicity worth it? Probably not.

06/10/2015 update – M. Alex Johnson provides more info at in “Almost 600 Accounts Breached in ‘Celebgate’ Nude Photo Hack, FBI Says.”

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Revenge Porn and Your Website

By Internet Lawyer
revenge porn

Can a visitor post revenge porn on your website?

If you operate a website that allows visitors to upload images (even just a profile pic), you need to be aware of the risks of having revenge porn on your website.

What is revenge porn? It’s when someone posts a nude, semi-nude, and/or sexually explicit photo or video online of a person without that person’s consent.

There are two common types of revenge porn.

First, a jilted spouse or lover will post pics out of spite to humiliate the person with whom they had a relationship that went bad.

Second, there are hackers who steal these types of photos and videos and post them online. The motives vary for hackers. For most, it seems to a quest for 15 minutes of fame acquired for posting nudie pics of actresses (e.g. the “Fappening”) or celebrity sex tapes. Some hackers have been arrested for selling software that’s designed to steal nude photos (See Ian Lang’s article at, “Hackers Face Charges After Selling Nude Photo Hacking Software”).

Thanks to new state laws, there’s been a crackdown on revenge porn sites, that is, websites focused on hosting user submissions of sex videos and erotic pics uploaded without consent of the person being attacked. In a New York Post article by Marissa Charles, “Meet the Angry Mom Who Took Down the King of Revenge Porn,” you can read the saga of one effort to remove revenge porn. It’s important to note that at least one website owner is going to prison.

Does this mean that if someone uploads revenge porn to your site that you’ll end up in jail? Of course not. However, even those who don’t get prosecuted for hosting such content can be sued civilly for actual and punitive damages.

This means it’s a good idea to keep a watch out for the types of photos and videos your website visitors are posting (or even linking to). And if there’s a request to take down a pic by someone (whether it’s revenge porn, copyright infringement, or another reason), take the request seriously.

Although your Internet lawyer can help you on a case-by-case basis, it’s a good idea to remove revenge porn quickly for both legal and ethical reasons. You should also consider having your Internet attorney draft submission guidelines that make it clear what type of user content is acceptable to be uploaded to your site.

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