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New European Union Copyright Law Proposal

By Intellectual Property

A proposed new copyright law has draconian provisions that could include jail time. And it covers Internet service providers (ISPs), software companies, websites, instant messaging (IM) and cell phone services.

If you’re doing business via the Internet in the European Union, watch this closely. Should it become law, chances are you’ll have to adjust your online activities to accommodate it.

Hat tip to PC World.

ISP Broadband Claims in FTC’s Crosshairs

By Internet Lawyer

The FTC is looking into deceptive claims by ISPs as to Internet access, including broadband speed claims.

As much as I dislike the arrogance of larger ISP providers who hold monopolies on certain service areas (Time Warner, Comcast, etc.), the thought of the FTC investigating or fining these companies isn’t pleasant. Any associated costs will simply be passed along to you and I on our monthly bills.

Hat tip to the S.F. Chronicle.