Privacy Policy 101: What Every Website Owner Should Know

Privacy Policy Updates

privacy policy updatesQ: What about making changes to a website’s privacy policy?

A: Your policy should address how updates will be made, when modifications will go into effect, and how users will be notified of these alterations. This gives them the opportunity to decide whether or not to continue using your site once the modifications are effective.

It’s common to email your subscribers and post a notice for a brief period of time on a site (e.g. a pop-up bar) to inform visitors the privacy policy has new terms with the opportunity to learn more about what’s different.

Related Professional Services Fees

Q: What if a website owner doesn’t have the budget for paying an experienced Internet lawyer to prepare a customized privacy policy?

A: As a practical matter, it’s usually a matter of misplaced priorities rather than a lack of funds. For example, it’s common for the Internet entrepreneur crying poverty when it comes to investing in legal protection to have bought the latest model cell phone, new computer, etc.

website legal protectionHowever, there are some website owners (e.g. bootstrapped startups) who are truly on a tight budget but need protection. One possible solution for many sites is Website Legal Forms Generator software.

I personally created and updated the privacy policy and other legal forms generated by this software that’s available through the Internet Attorneys Association.

Of course, if you have the funds, make the investment to get customized documents prepared by an experienced Internet lawyer. For example, our firm offers a Website Legal Protection Package for a flat fee.

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