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Perry Belcher

This tag refers to Internet marketer Perry Belcher, his arrest, and criminal record.

Perry Belcher Criminal Fan Club

By Internet Lawyer

Perry Belcher

Silent No More About Con Artist Perry Belcher

It’s been more than a year since convicted Internet marketer Perry Belcher‘s shenanigans have been written about on this blog. In fact, it was out of sight, out of mind until one of Belcher’s fan club decided to threaten me today.

Threat By Perry Belcher Supporter

Here’s the threat in its entirety…

To: Law Firm Support
From: Jimmy

Look bitch,
if you dont take that shit down about perry belcher i will personal
fuck your world up.
your a peice of shit you fuckin fat hog.
fuck you punk.
I will find you, and it wont be pretty.

Given the sender’s IP address, the person making the threats is very close to Belcher from a geographic standpoint. Perhaps too close.

I was willing to give him a free pass to start over, even if what he’s been up to isn’t exactly turning over a new leaf. That being said, when threats like this come my way after more than a year of silence, don’t expect me to sit back and take them.

There are always some people who believe that any publicity is good publicity. Perhaps that’s why this threat was made. After all, if no one is writing about you online, how can you follow up on your Internet “success” selling fake medicines to sick people?

Or maybe the person making the threat is under some delusion that’s a side effect of taking one of those fake Selmedica meds? The possibilities are endless when you’re dealing with the strange ducks in God’s online pond.

This isn’t the first time threats have been made by Belcher’s fan club but thought you should see it for yourself to understand the type of people trying to defend his criminal past.

Perry Belcher’s Criminal Past Documented

And to make it easy for you to understand Internet marketer Perry Belcher’s criminal record, here are some helpful links.

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Perry Belcher Returns?

By Internet Lawyer

Whether you’re an Internet attorney or not, you probably noted that Perry Belcher ‘retired’ from Internet marketing training in October 2009. You can read about it at Perry Belcher: Checkmate.

Despite a massive Twitter info product launch and Twitter followers allegedly exceeding 100,000, Belcher deleted just about everything as part of his “retirement.” Blog posts and most followers simply disappeared.

Rather than take a covert role working with his partner as the front man, Perry appears to be recreating his public image again.

Here are some handy links to keep track of what Perry Belcher is up to these days.

As I wrote in October 2008, “The post was not an attack on Belcher but rather a warning to all Internet marketers about the type of behavior that draws unwanted attention from the government.”

The same holds true for this post.

Watch what he does and says.

If Perry Belcher re-assumes “guru” status or starts speaking from the stage again, you’ll know the retirement is over. At that point, there will probably be more than an Internet attorney or two watching what he does. Regardless, it will make an excellent case study of the do’s and don’ts of Internet marketing.

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Perry Belcher: Checkmate

By Internet Lawyer

perry-belcher-checkmatePer his post today, Perry Belcher: Turning the Page (see update below), Belcher has quit Internet marketing training. There were a variety of reasons why this happened. Some of them are listed in Belcher’s post. It appears that he has substantially shut down most sites and his Twitter account.

You can find more information on the Perry Belcher Internet marketing saga at the following links:

Perry Belcher: Criminal Records Now Available for Download

Perry Belcher: Internet Marketer Pleads Guilty and Forfeits Assets

Perry Belcher: The Arrest of an Internet Marketer

The Salty Droid Blog (contains adult language)

The Truth about Perry Belcher Internet Marketer

I have no doubt that Perry Belcher will continue marketing online behind-the-scenes. Today’s announcement is essentially an abdication of guru status for purposes of public speaking, big launches in his own name, etc. If he stays within the boundaries of the law and adds value in his future business dealings, he will undoubtedly succeed over the long term. Personally, I hope that he does.

Remember that the purpose of bringing the Perry Belcher arrest and guilty plea to light was to serve as a warning to others. Whether you think Perry Belcher is a saint or a sinner, he took certain actions that put him in the government cross-hairs as a target. If you take the same actions, you’re risking the same negative consequences (or worse).

Update: Belcher is back in business after relocating to Austin, Texas from Tennessee, and partnering up with Ryan Deiss.

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Download Perry Belcher Criminal Records

By Internet Lawyer

perry-belcher-criminal-recordsHere’s a PDF copy of Internet marketer Perry Belcher’s criminal records (without comment by me as an Internet attorney).

It includes:

1. The Criminal Information describing Perry Belcher’s crimes.

2. Perry’s guilty plea and the court order for it.

3. Belcher’s probation order and the special conditions placed on his probation.

To protect Belcher’s privacy, I redacted his street address and telephone number. Otherwise, the documents are intact.

I will not comment on the criminal records as an Internet attorney or otherwise. You can decide for yourself what happened and whether or not Perry Belcher has complied with the terms of his probation.

However,  a final thought…and a warning.

Perry Belcher’s “partner” reached out to a group of major Internet marketers asking for help to shut me (and others) up on this issue.  Pressure was applied by certain group members (who may have been acting on their own) to encourage termination of representation by me as Internet attorney for certain clients or to engage in unethical conduct that would trap me into silence.

I will continue to zealously represent those members who are existing clients as their Internet attorney if they want but I will not be silenced by threats to my personal safety or my law practice because of Perry Belcher or any other reason.

Please note that the last person who tried this type of intimidation was indicted by the U.S. federal government, now has a criminal record, and owes the IRS about $750,000 in back taxes. If the personal threats and business interference continues, expect a similar response. Picking a fight with an Internet attorney borders on business suicide.

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Twitter Fraud: Does Twitter Encourage Microblogging Scams and Fake Profiles?

By Internet Lawyer

twitterTwitter is at a microblogging crossroads. Each month, 60% of its users (Twitter Quitters) disappear. The churn rate is so high that Twitter has to take drastic measures to build its “community.” And that’s where  social media “gurus” come into play. Twitter turns a blind eye as black hat Internet marketing techniques are used to create multiple accounts with fake profiles, automated software is used to build large lists, marketing employees and independent contractors spend their time dumping out tweet spam, and autofollow leads to one fake profile following another…and vice versa.

There’s a a classic cartoon that states that on the Internet no one knows you’re a dog. On Twitter, many  followers/followees don’t exist except as part of someone’s social media list-building model. Community and providing value has little to do with it. Instead, by following a Twitter spammer, you’ll receive pithy tweets ripped straight out of Poor Richard’s Almanack, The Secret, Chicken Soup for the Idiot’s Soul, and interspersed from time to time with a pitch for you to click on a link that will take you to an e-mail lead capture (squeeze page) so that you can be marketed to by e-mail too plus get redirected to a sales page after providing your e-mail info. Want to launch a garbage info product about social media? Create a bunch of fake buzz (astroturfing) by having multiple fictitious Twitter users tweet about it to their followers.

Why would Twitter allow/encourage this type of fraudulent behavior to take place?

With a monthly user retention rate of 40%, Twitter needs scam artists to game the system in order to build up the raw numbers of its community. Like The Matrix‘s* Agent Smiths, tweeting spambots spread as a virus that Twitter finds beneficial because the community looks larger despite the number of humans who come and go.


The venture capitalists who have invested tens of millions of dollars are looking for a return on their investment. However, Twitter hasn’t figured out how to turn a profit from tweets.

To cash in, Twitter needs numbers, real or not. Here are two examples.

1. Advertising Revenues. Twitter is exploring means to capitalize on all of the marketing that occurs by advertising to users. That many of these users don’t exist is irrelevant. What matters is that advertisers think the numbers are real so that advertising buys are made through Twitter. And because most advertising is designed to win creativity awards for the ad agencies rather than produce an economic return on investment for the client paying for the advertising, generic buzz spin about reaching young audiences will be used to justify pouring money down the tweethole without seeing a corresponding increase in sales.

2. The Exit Strategy. The end game for Twitter’s venture capitalists is to go public and have the uninformed investor overpay for the company or, alternatively, dupe a larger company into overpaying as part of a takeover. For an example of the latter, look at NewsCorp.’s acquisition of MySpace (overrun by spambots and fake profiles) for a half a billion bucks.

It appears that Twitter is intentionally ignoring those who use the above methods of list-building and even those who use its system to sell how-to info products on abusing the system. Unless accurate user  numbers are provided to advertisers, current and potential investors, Twitter is looking at the potential for a few nasty lawsuits. And that’s a shame…particularly when the purpose was to build a community rather than a pyramid of nitTwits.

* “The Matrix” is TM & © 2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Fair use of image for commentary.

To get the Matrix trilogy, click this link.